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    I travel a lot for business and I really enjoyed taking class at this school. As a man who takes ballet it can be difficult to find a school that is welcoming of me as I'm certain a lot of other men who take ballet experience the same thing. I've taken class in multiple different cities and this is one of the places where I felt like I fit in. The owner and instructor, Patricia Ryan, handles her class quite well. She is very knowledgeable with the Vaganova style of ballet and teaches quite efficiently. She was very open with having a man in her class and I think she has an awesome perspective of the way the true art of ballet should be. She also runs a tight ship and one clear sign of that is how clean her school is. I've been in some ballet studios that were nastier than some of the grossest locker rooms I was in when I played football years ago. I'd have to say that this is probably the cleanest school I've ever been in before. The only thing I really found lacking was that I wish there were a lot more adults taking class at this school. That's not the fault of the owner or the rest of the school though because they can't control the mainstream culture of Hixson, TN. Maybe some day the culture will evolve and an art form that is as AMAZING as ballet is will be discovered by a lot more people. I also want to mention a special thank you to Shinee (I hope I spelled your name right) for helping me get back to Chattanooga by driving in front of me. Siri (on my Apple Phone) was being mean to me and taking me way back out in the sticks. Thanks again Shinee, you're awesome and you're much appreciated.

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